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Feeling somewhat paralyzed with the amount of stuff I need to do. Right now, am being quasi-lazy by searching for a calligraphy/script font that looks like it could be Rose Hannah's handwriting. Meanwhile, poor Vladimir is trying to get his White Noise presentation together for the new film commission--he's going to try again, even though he shouldn't have to, because the old one promised him funds after he won that screenwriting competition, and he'd gotten as far as casting before it fell apart last year.

Cleolinda : don't overwork yourself too badly
Cleolinda : me, I've started having mild heart palpitations

Vladimir: oh no!
Vladimir: rest!
Vladimir: leave what you're doing!
Vladimir: relax!
Vladimir: play with doggies!

Cleolinda : yeah, I took a nap before dinner and had bad dreams
Cleolinda : something about having to marry some Mexican Mafia kid, and I didn't want to, and a molar came out while I was sitting on the floor in some dark guest bedroom in my wedding dress, and the filling was made of black enamel and tiny round rhinestones, and I was so pissed that it had come out

Vladimir: heee
Vladimir: that's such a cool dream

Cleolinda : like, in retrospect, yeah, it was cool. At the time, it was ick

Vladimir: I guess

Cleolinda : also, it was a really frilly wedding dress. Like Lucy Westenra gecko-frilly

Vladimir: nice

Cleolinda: I didn't even know there was a Mexican Mafia

I wish it would stop raining so I could go sit outside in the sun with a drinky-drink.
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