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Days of Wine and Woses

This and that:

Epic Christmas shopping trip with Mom today; more tomorrow. You have to remember that not only is my birthday in December, but my sister's is three days after that, so my family is always in a panic to get gifts bought. In fact, we usually start shopping in September or October, so we're desperately behind this year. So I was shopping for Mom and a few of my friends, and she was shopping for me, and we were both shopping for various family members.

The sad part is that I end up picking out my own gifts, mostly because I can tell Mom a title or a name and she will forget it literally within thirty seconds. I'm telling you, I have seen her do it. Today we were ransacking Books-a-Million. I was looking for a Neil Gaiman book that shall remain unnamed, because it's for someone else, but suffice it to say that she went off to ask a clerk about it while I hit another section, and she took ten paces and then wheeled around and said, "You said it was called The Wallflowers by Gail Nielsen?" Which it obviously was not, on either count.

The awesome part is that even though I know everything she bought for me today, I seriously can only remember one thing. By Christmas, I will have completely forgotten that we ever went shopping at all. (Hey, I have a lot on my mind.)

In other news, Dr. Quinlan has once again come through as a Man of God and put our paper off from next Monday to next Wednesday. Which means I don't have to spend all Thanksgiving not doing it and feeling bad about it; I can not do it and feel quite good about not doing it. Random Girl in the back of the class called out, "Bless you!"

(Worked on Fantasy Opus in class instead of taking notes, mostly because 1) I am a multitasker par excellence and 2) we keep going over the same nuances of the Irish "Troubles" over and over again. I get it already.)

Talked to Brett last night--he's still at Auburn, but he'll be coming up (or is it down? I'm horrible with geography, as Vladimir will be happy to tell you) to Birmingham tomorrow or the next day, as will Valerie (and Greg) and Emily. (I know these names mean nothing to you. Suffice it to say, they're my bestest friends from college. It will be soooo good to have some people to drink with again.) Brett and I are both gearing up for ROTK--of our group, he and I are the ones who get all dorky about it; the rest just stock up on Nerd Spray and spritz us now and then.

I reread the first half of Two Towers yesterday and am on to Return of the King today because I was curious to see how they matched up with the movie(s), and I was shocked by how many things really did make it into the movies--particularly a bit in the EE that I thought was out of character for Eowyn ("...because they love you!"), which turned out to be nearly verbatim from the book ("...because they love thee!"). That, and I'd read the last book at least two or three times, and I seriously have no memory of the Woses or the pukelmen or what the hell ever they are. I don't know how I missed that chapter at all.

Going to the dentist tomorrow. Not looking forward to this. I mean particularly not looking forward to it. I have an awful feeling that I've got a cavity or two, which is bad enough, but then the hygienist has to get all judgmental and shit because I'm not flossing for five minutes a day. Or at all. (Shut up, man--you know you don't floss either. Don't lie.) And then more Christmas shopping, since Mom is off work for the whole week.

Have called it quits on NaNoWriMo, mostly because I started it on a whim without thinking about it, and because I haven't even finished Black Ribbon yet, and that was supposed to be done 10/31. Here's hoping I get some more done over Thanksgiving (but I doubt it).
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