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Okay. It was really late last night. I was tired and on a mild, lingering tequila high. I was stressed. I freaked out. (See previous two entries.) And at some point, I got so mad that I actually ceased to care and wasn't even angry any more. It's like I broke the barometer or something. Yeah. Better Living Through Not Giving a Fuck, here I come.

So, #1, I'm going to put up a Hall of Shame entry where people can tip me off to new plagiarism, but we're going to buttonhole all that shit over there. I am going to stop letting it take over the rest of my journal and my life. I mean, the guy with the "masterbation" comment? He'd taken "Troy" down and done what I wanted anyway, but just felt the need to do something childish. So whatever. I don't have to be childish in return.

#2, I am going on a damn vacation. You know where I've traveled in the last three years? I went to Cuba for a week in January 2001. In June, after college graduation, we all went to Dauphin Island for a few days. Since then, we've made a couple of road trips to Auburn. That's it. I haven't been jack anywhere. I've been bottled up housesitting and petsitting and babysitting while other people go on vacations. So. The Lovely Emily and I are looking into a weekend trip to New Orleans, a place I've never been, and by train--I think I got to stand inside a train car on a field trip when I was in first grade or something. That's it. I've got to get out of here, if only for a couple of days. The trip is still in the planning stages, though, so I'll be here a while yet.

As for last night, some good came of my freak-out: #3, I disabled anonymous commenting. I regret having to do that, because people from non-LJ links were coming in, but I have no patience with anonymous flames. You want to say something nasty to me, you can say it with a name attached.

#4, I locked down the comm last night in a fit of pique--only members can read. I would like to say that I've reconsidered this, because I did briefly change my mind, but then I remembered that something publicly posted is considered "published"; something friends-locked is not. So certainly all the future M15Ms will be friends locked, although the administrative and icon posts aren't. If you want to read them, you'll need to make sure that you've joined and not just friended the comm. Even so, I will post an unlocked announcement when the next "Fifteen Minutes" comes out, so you'll see it even if you're having access problems.

If you're having access problems: I'm getting emails to this effect. I joined a closed comm a couple of weeks ago, and it was a few minutes before the locked entries would show up. Try again, and if it doesn't work, log in and out of LJ, and see if that helps.

#5, I had already instated some anti-theft measures--I can't remember who suggested that I sprinkle my copyright notice in white font throughout the text, but it was a great idea, and I've already watermarked all the parodies that way. If nothing else, it may help with the "I had no idea who the author was" problem. (Also, I added "All rights reserved" to the notice, as I had been advised.)

So that's pretty much it for now. If you'll excuse me, I have to go box up some books when I'd rather be flat on my face in an Advil haze.

P.S. Susanne--the bird has landed. Thanks!

ETA: Look what apoplexia on JF made for me! EEEEEEE!!!

ETA 2: If you're having trouble accessing the locked entries, go here for help.


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