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A few things I've been doing online:

It's open nomination time at (second quarter 2004), and I'm trying to decide who I'd like to nominate. (This is not a "subtle" hint for y'all to nominate me, because I don't write romantic entries, I'm not a new journal, and I don't even think of the Fifteen Minutes series as being journal entries--they're more like comedy that hijacked what was coincidentally a journal.) When I was looking through last quarter's nominations, I noticed several people being nominated multiple times, and some very well-known names, which is fine, but since the awards are given four times a year, that suggests to me that is trying to spread the love around. So I think that I--and you, and we--should dig up really good entries from people who don't have so many readers, but deserve them. (Again: this means "not me.")

However, if you do want to vote for me in some way, you can click here and vote for me at's Clix. The link will register your vote and take you to the top 10 ranking, and I've really enjoyed the journals I've started reading from the list, so go check some of those out. There you go: everybody wins. has turned out to be a lot more helpful than I thought it would be. Sort of.Collapse )

I got on a kick of playing puzzle/adventure games online while I was on my de-stressing regimen: Whee!Collapse )

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