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Bitches? Still come when I call.

The Lovely Emily came over last night and there was much of the pizza and the popcorn and the pudding pops and the Potter (SS and COS). I hadn't realized that I'd only seen each movie once, maybe twice at the most, and a long time ago at that. Also, if I have my way with the lineup for the book, Sorcerer's Stone is the one that will go in. I think tonight we're going for Mexican and then more DVDs, since Em's going back to Wilmington pretty early in August.

Tickets for New Orleans have been bought--we managed to get out at $72 for a round-trip train rather than $100+. We are smug.

Feeling anxious lately. Not really sure why. Possibly the general miasma of Stupid Things That Should Get Done But Aren't. Maybe because I'm an anxious person in general. Who knows?

Thought for the day, as I catch up on some old "America's Top Model" recaps: "You got titties, you got booty, you gonna work it out." Maybe we really gonna work it out after all, Tyra. Maybe after all.

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