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Whoa. I basically spent the whole afternoon sleeping off that summer cold I was worrying about--crap in my throat, all-over aching, traveling on Friday! AHHH!--and I had some freaky tweaked-out dreams, lemme tell you what. Like, dreams with characters and plots and fantasy settings and shit. Some kind of weird Pompeii-type setting with multiple generations and battles and islands on fire and characters dying and being reincarnated and marrying and having heirs and dying again and all kinds of weird-ass shit. Like, type-this-up-and-sell-it-to-a-publisher weird-ass shit. Damn.

Urg. I hurt.

I just now finally wrote the email to my publisher about which ten movies we want to do. I'm still stuck on number 10--we have way too many options--but I'll let y'all know when we have it finalized. On the understanding, of course, that 1) I can't look at anyone else's parodies of those movies, to protect both me (from accusations of playgerizm OMG) and other writers (from having their work actually, accidentally seep into my subconscious) and 2) once the book manuscript is on for real, I have about two months to write it. And at least one of those months I will be back in class. And it looks like that class will be on Milton. If nothing new gets posted in m15m for a while, you're just going to have to understand and be patient.

(Yes, Lord of the Rings. Yes, a Harry Potter of some kind. Yes, Titanic. You do realize that if these go in the book, I can't post them online, right? Yeah. You're starting to reconsider which movies you want in the book, aren't you?)

Trying to think of snacks to take on train, as will be on train for about eight hours, and train food itself will probably be overpriced, as it will be the only game in town at that point.

Horoscope: "Something you've only dared to dream about will resurface -- and you'll need to decide whether or not you're game to give it another shot. Bet you are."



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