Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

This and that:

I love this comic. The latest is basically every Harry Potter book, ever, summarized for your convenience.

Neil Gaiman's journal: Is it wrong that I actually kinda want to read a book like this? (Also: the "I have seen the face on the dollar bill" guy? Freak. Show.)

Re: plagiarism: And I thought I had it bad.

Soulseek is awesome. I had been using eDonkey, but on marcusisabadass's recommendation, switched to this one, and I've downloaded five or six songs today alone that I've spent weeks trying to get off eD. Yay!

Speaking of Marcus--you'll remember him as our host in New Orleans--he's put up his official Gilmer for Congress 2006 journal. Come on, y'all--you have to appreciate a guy with an Official Campaign Hoochie.

Meanwhile, I'm still transcribing the New Orleans phone posts, for those of you who 1) couldn't get them to download or 2) couldn't understand what I was saying, which is extremely possible, as there are times on the posts when I can't understand what I was saying.

Oh, and by the way: Simon and I have settled on which ten movies to do for the book. I'll be making an official announcement on m15m with more details, but you can look at my To Do list in the meantime.

Ooo, "The Amazing Race" is almost on.


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