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Here's the story, morning glory

So. BellSouth has finally realized and/or admitted that the problem is not me, my modem, or my computer (I'm pretty sure it was our phones going out, too, that convinced them). So I'm on someone else's computer right now just to let folks know that I'm alive. Remarkably, I have been rather productive without the internet to screw around on (no! really??). I have a paper due on Wednesday and a rather nasty portfolio by the end of the week, so maybe I'll actually get some work done as I suffer ("Goddammit, I'm missing that awesome troll at pottersues! And my Neopets are DEAD!").

Things I have done this week without the internet so far:

>> Dollar margarita night at Sabor Latino
>> Added a few dozen words to that fictional language
>> Watched TTT EE with Brett; drank
>> Did all the Christmas shopping
>> Wrote several pages on Fantasy Opus
>> Hung out with college friends at Em's house; drank
>> Spent two hours assembling gingerbread house with Sister Girl
>> Drank

Oh, and Carnivale: the hell?
Tags: alcohol is in it, carnivale, christmas, lord of the rings, school, sister girl, tv

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