Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Quick question for you guys: I'm watching Titanic, and my understanding is that Ioan Gruffudd is somewhere in this movie (and you know me; I can't pass up a "Fifth Officer Horatio Hornblower" joke). Is he, in fact, the one who's helping load the lifeboats and then freaks out and starts shooting (at) people about an hour from the end?

ETA: You know, if I had waited thirty minutes, I would have noticed that Ioan is totally the guy on The One Boat That Went Back. Silly me. So yes, it's him, both times (you can check the subtitles for his character's name, Lowe).

(Goddamn movie. I snickered through the whole thing, and then Rose got to Titanic Heaven and the damn thing cracked me like a nut. Stupid movie. *sniff*)

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