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Dear Tyrell, Whoever You Are: Stop Giving Your Conquests My Cell Number, Kthnxbai

"You Tyrell's new girlfriend?"

"No, ma'am, I am not Tyrell's girlfriend."

"You don't got Tyrell's baby, DO YOU?"

"No, ma'am, I do not have anybody's baby."

"Don't you LIE TO ME, GIRL!"

"Ma'am, I'm hanging up now."



Why I Decided That The Crimson Petal and the White Is the Most Awesome Book Ever on Page 59

"So there you have it: the thoughts (somewhat pruned of repetition) of William Rackham as he sits on his bench in St. James's Park. If you are bored beyond endurance, I can only offer my promise that there will be fucking in the very near future, not to mention madness, abduction, and violent death."

Half the Text of "Titanic in Fifteen Minutes"

ROSE: Jack?

JACK: Rose!

ROSE: Jack!

JACK: Rose!

ROSE: Jack!

JACK: Rose!

ROSE: Jack!



No, Really

Have about 2500 words' worth of notes on "Titanic in 15 Minutes," but nothing that really hangs together yet. Have started typing up LOTR notes. Need to move DVD player back upstairs to my room, which will be a nightmare of moving extremely tall and heavy furniture to get it hooked back up, but I need to have these movies running while I try to decipher my own handwriting ("She's... dying? drowning? dragging? dogging?")


My email has just been flooded with LJ comment notifications for comments from June. So, uh... if I didn't get back to you about something... now you know why.

Daily Countdown: 59 days until manuscript is due. With that in mind--no, I can't do The Village, or anything else, for the foreseeable future.

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