Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Durrrr. Have been useless today. Slept later than I intended, and then the power went off (for two hours! on a sunny day!), and I ended up reading all the way to the beginning of section four in Crimson Petal, and even after the power came back on the house remained hot as Hades, and now I'm spilling wearing eating oatmeal for dinner and I don't want to work.

May do Attack of the Clones next. Crimson Petal gave me a couple of ideas. (No, you don't want to ask.)

I'm also thinking of reversing my position on the whole NO REPOSTING OMG thing at m15m. Mostly because it's unenforceable and I'm tired and it really shouldn't be this big a deal. Unless someone can give me a compelling reason why I shouldn't, I'm basically going to post over there that I would deeply prefer that you not repost my work, but if you just absolutely cannot restrain yourself, credit and a link back to the comm is fine, and leave a note in the comments (of this entry that does not yet exist) telling me that you did. Of course, in order to see it in the first place, you'll have to join the community--the point of which is to have sort of a mailing/notification list of people reading/using my work. Basically, I'm getting a lot of requests from Harry Potter fansites for POA in 15 Minutes and I'm just tired of explaining myself.

Meanwhile, the King Arthur will stay open until I post a new parody, which may be a while.

(Ugh. Maybe that was too much oatmeal. Don't feel so good now.)

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