Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

I go and leave you people alone for five days...

...and all hell breaks loose. Well, sort of. Lights Out Entertainment and Movieweb (my beloved source of giant hi-res publicity stills) went and merged, and while they're merging, the giant hi-res publicity galleries are down. Oh, and all the pictures in the world came out. But it doesn't really matter, does it? Because I suck, and have not updated the Digest in several millennia. And everyone else is merging and improving and upgrading and generally making me wonder why I bother running a movie site, and then I remember that the point of it is to basically create a daily roll call of what's out there, not to break news myself, because it's not like I have that kind of connections or anything. Oh, and I am the only girl running a movie site. Well, probably not the "only," but it feels like it.

I think this is also why I feel sad about the LOTR trilogy coming to an end, because it was one of the first movies I started covering, and going out of my way to put up wallpaper, screen caps, extra features, etc., brought me a lot of readers back in the day. It's just--it's sort of like being a teacher and seeing your kindergarten students graduate college. Hell, I get sort of misty about all kinds of movies coming out ("I remember when they were first casting Master and Commander!"), because I'm sad like that.

And of course I've got two portfolios, an exam, and a paper to turn in and can't even begin to think of doing anything about the not-updating right now. I suck.

We're reading selected Yeats and/or Heaney poems aloud tonight, blah blah blah last night of this class, blee blee blee haven't started my paper due in two days yet. I think I'm getting the end-of-term blues, the kind you get right in the homestretch as it's all about to be over.
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