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Trying... so hard... to write... all funny... is gone... *flop*

Progressing nicely on Kingdom of Loathing, where I am Cleolinda (a Beat Snatcher is me!) and desperately dreading the eventual reset, but there you go. I checked my inventory and--well, I saw a ton of stuff I didn't recognize, but I only had two messages where people sent me things (and thank you muchly!), so I can't figure out how I got 300+ Magicalnesses in Cans, etc. Do I have some mysterious benefactor to thank, or do I need to send Jick a bug report...?

(If you're new to the game or even fairly experienced, you may find the KoL Item Locator helpful. And you know--I think KoL is so addictive precisely because it has a daily cutoff. Sneaky bastards.)

I'm helping Sister Girl get started; meanwhile, I'm plugging away at Neoquest II just to get the RPG itch out of my system. (Hey, I worked on Titanic all day. I want to play now.) I'm gelsomina on Neopets--my cleolinda account was frozen a few years back. (I learned the rule on multiple accounts the hard way, let's just put it that way.) I actually haven't played Neopets in a month or two, but I always end up coming back to it. Even so, I'm still struggling to reach a million np after three years as it is, so don't anybody try to hack my account thinking it's some kind of prize.

(I should really stop posting links to all these games, for y'all's sake if nothing else. Apparently I have contributed to quite a decline in workplace productivity recently.)

Also, I thought I had misplaced my Croatian again, but the Official Squishy has returned and is safely back at home. My stepfather has, thank the Jesus, finally found a new job so he can leave the old one he hates. My mother's starting her new job at the end of the month, I think Sister Girl is staying at the Culinard after all, God's in His heaven, etc. Now, if I can just make all this rambling and note-taking turn into a cohesive parody or two, we'll be in business...

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