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Tired and sort of sad. You know, for no good reason. Well, actually, there's a lot of tension between various members of my family at the moment--and over several different things, in several different combinations--that I can't really talk about, but... yeah. It would be ridiculous to pull the whole "I AM A SENSITIVE ARTIST! I CANNOT WORK IN THESE CONDITIONS!" thing, because... movie parodies, y'all. But at the same time? Yeah, kinda.

Still hacking away at Star Wars, and finally making some progress. Class starts on Thursday, though--all that work I wanted to get done before school started up again hasn't gotten done.

It's nice that KoL rollover is at 11 pm my time, because I'm done working for the day by then. Kingdom of Loathing blah: Keep in mind that y'all have given me some great links and I've read all of that--the KoL Item Locator and the Service Pack site and the Wikipedia-type Documentation project, etc. Even so:

What, exactly, does a Mr. Accessory do? (I donated $10 to the site after getting Sister Girl and a few other people sucked into it. I figured it was the least I could do.) I have it equipped and it's increased my stats, but... does it do anything else?

Is there a Seal Clubber who could help me smith a crossbow? I have all the materials; it just won't let me do it. Bastards. (Message "Cleolinda" if you have the time.)

At the Chef-Magi store, most of the items are like, "Can only be used by saucerors." Do the pastamancers ever get a break?

(Oh, something I forgot to ask: what do I have to do to get into the Hippy Store? Be a certain level or something, or...?)

Jick has said that multiple accounts are okay so you can play different character classes, as long as there's no "item-farming" to build up the primary account. But... what if you have spare/extra/duplicate items on your primary account and want to send them to your lesser accounts? I think he may have also said that the accounts "shouldn't interact," so... I don't know. It seems silly to have spider webs on one account but need can lids and can lids on another but need spider webs, and not just trade up. Or to have stuff a disco bandit can't use, but not send it to your pastamancer. I dunno.

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