Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Well, I’m officially broke, but the first half of my advance should be coming in this week, so yay! (The second half I’m setting aside for taxes on the whole thing, because... yeah. Suck.) And then I get to go on an orgy of buying used/like-new books. I’m really interested in a book about the Castlehaven sex scandal in the 1600s, by a woman named Herrup (the precise title escapes me at the moment). I came across the story while reading the supplementary criticism for Milton’s Comus for Tuesday’s class, and--well, the way I write, things usually germinate in my head for months while I read or research or daydream or whatever. But I think there definitely might be a story in there that I’d like to tell.

Speaking of which, I bounced an idea off Vladimir the other day to give Rachel Carey (that is, a character in Black Ribbon) her own volume, to tell her story. I can’t tell you what it is because we haven’t gotten to who she really is yet, but it’ll be interesting, and he liked the idea. Again: far, far in my future. It gets planted in the Idea Farm for now. (However, if you have any research or costume information specifically pertaining to 1850-1853, I’d love to see it. I haven’t decided on the specific settings, but it will be at least partly in England and partly on the Continent.)

As for Black Ribbon--y’all are going to kill me. But seriously, I’d been worrying about posting the next chapter at some random time because the site says “October 24” or whatever, and then I realized that I never specified the year for the Bennet-Jones frame story and... what if I just posted the next installments on October 24 and 31, a year late, as if no time had passed at all? It’s almost ingeniously lame, I tell you. But it is a hard (i.e., solid) deadline, and it’s after the book deadline, and before the Milton written work is due.

(A YEAR, y’all. God, I suck so much.)

Still creeping along with the actual book I am being paid to write. Dammit. I swear it’s sheer perversity at this point--I can tell, because the creative urge is starting to rebel and be like, “Oh, wow, wouldn’t it be awesome if we ran off and did this thing we’re not being paid to do?” No, it would not be awesome. Sit down and write more Whiny Anakin or it’s no dessert for you.

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