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Arrrrrgh. Movie parodies were so much easier to do when I was doing them instead of things I was supposed to be doing. Granted, I’ve always done on-the-fly research for almost everything I write, if only because you can only use the word “thingy” so many times. Random things I’ve had to look up today:

H4x0r/l33t speak
Bill & Ted quotes
text RPGs
file extension names
Hare Krishnas
the works of Lewis Carroll
the Matrix script itself
virus cures

(Dumb question: Can you actually cure a virus? Generally, whenever I’ve come down with a cold that was determined to be viral rather than bacterial, the doctor’s basically told me to wait it out because there’s not much he can do about it. Come to think of it, I can think of several viral STDs you can treat but not cure. Anyone with medical expertise care to weigh in?)

Am still struggling with what I mentally call the “Grandma or Profanity?” issue. I mean, there’s a consistent level of what you might call prime-time television profanity, because the movies themselves use that, at the very least. But occasionally I think of something (I think is) really funny, and it just flunks the Grandma test on every level, and I don’t know what to do. Because yeah, my grandmother is going to want to read it, but as a few commenters here have pointed out, a lower profanity level opens the book up to a wider audience, so it’s not a completely personal/emotional concern. Fnarrr.

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