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Unfinished business from the previous entry: The history, and an explanation, of l337 speak. However, they do not note that OWN3D/OWNED! has morphed into PWNED! just through sheer linguistic, tongue-in-cheek silliness, the sort of which I highly approve.

Cleolinda : also, I got a super sleek super tiny silver cell phone today!

Vladimir: OOOOO
Vladimir: SHINEH

Cleolinda : It has voice mail!
Cleolinda : text messaging!

Vladimir: well which ones don't?

Cleolinda : uh... my old one?

Vladimir: AWWW.

Cleolinda : that's why I had to get an upgrade?

Vladimir: And so, America closes the cellphone gap with Europe. Now you lag only 3 years.

Cleolinda : mine was so ghetto, "silent" wasn't even an option for the ring

Vladimir: awwww
Vladimir: which one is it, precious?*

Cleolinda : apparently it also has a camera, but damn if I can figure out where

Vladimir: OOOOOO

Cleolinda : PHWNED!

*It should be noted here, before you gag on the apparent cutesy-wuteness, that we still indulge in Gollum-speak a good bit of the time. I know that’s so last year, but there you go. Speaking of Gollum: Vladimir sent me this link, and it’s so dumb but you can’t. look. away.

Speaking of Vladimir: Vladimir is leaving in the morning (which is still tonight over here) for the Venice Film Festival, from which he will be reporting daily. That’s right, y’all: The Squishy got a LiveJournal of his very own.

Back to shopping. (All the guys on my friends list: “WHEE.”) Not only did I get a new phone, I also picked up a few long-sleeved things for fall, two new pairs of jeans, and a black sweater coat--and then helped my mother suit-shop for her new job that starts next week. Basically, Shall Remained Unnamed, Inc. called her up and said, “What can we do to steal you away from your current job?” And she said, “More money than I’m getting now, an office of my own, and three weeks of vacation.” And they said, “When can you start?” She’s good at what she does--managing employee benefits--and her reputation precedes her, I guess.

(You have to remember, this is the same woman who walked into a car dealership, smiled sweetly, and said, “This is exactly how much I want to pay for it, and I want it in California blue. Someone in this town is going to sell me this car. It can be you, or it can be someone else. Also, I want a moon roof.” And she got it, too.)

So she’s off this week to make the job transition, and all the errands that ever have to be done, EVER, are being done this week. I’m getting shoved off to the dentist and Sister Girl’s being forcibly enrolled in the Culinard’s fall semester and phones are being switched out and upgraded and I actually went and closed my old checking and savings accounts and moved to the bank the rest of my family uses now (which happens to be better and bigger anyway), and it turns out that the woman who set me up with my new accounts has a son who’s best friends with the kid who lives next door to me. Also--and this is so exciting/lame--I asked her about the whole “What if someone writes a check to Cleolinda Jones?” problem, which I don’t think will happen given that things don’t come straight to me anymore anyway, but you never know, and she put an “AKA” note on my account. Apparently a lot of women have notes on their accounts like that--they use their maiden name professionally but their married name socially, for example. “Yeah, but mine’s actually a completely different name, first and last.” She just laughed and said she didn’t think it would be a problem, particularly if I sign her copy of the book when it comes out.

(That still boggles me, you know. I know a lot of y’all have said, though seriously or in jest I can’t always tell, that you want your copy signed. But it still blows my mind that--not only will I have hoodwinked someone, even multiple someones, into actually putting down money for something I wrote, they want my signature on it, too. It’s going to take a while before I really process that.)

Trying to get the Matrix parody locked down--over the last few “Fifteen Minutes” I developed this thing where I use the font color menu to grey out everything that I feel is “done,” at least for that draft, and that leaves me with only the parts I have left to finish. I use red for things that are particularly rough or need attention, and it makes the whole thing seem a lot more manageable. I wanted to have it done before Vladimir left for Venice so he could read it, but I have too much Milton reading, I’m afraid. Still struggling--I think part of the problem is that it’s actually a well-made movie. Pretentious, but well-made. Attack of the Clones, on the other hand, is so incredibly going to be the next one I do because it will be like a vacation compared to this.


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