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Dear baaaaabyanimals: Thank you for helping me get to sleep the other night after all that creepy shit I read.

Dear friends list: Sorry about the creepy shit.

Dear Mom: I'm sure it's really sweet that you want to take my first advance check and Xerox it and frame it and stuff. However, I would rather deposit it and start using it, thnx.


P.S. to Self: It's been three days. Stop reading the creepy shit. Seriously, you're starting to look ruggid from lack of sleep.


Vladimir has seen Finding Neverland at the Venice fest and liked it--I told him he would because, sadly enough, I haven't been updating the Digest but I finally have an inside Hollywood source and The Source said it was good. And then he got Quarantino's autograph:

[Vladimir]: Mister Tarantino, would you please autograph my Catalogue?

QT: I'd rather not.

[Vladimir]: Well, just this once.

QT (signs Catalogue): Is that a promise?

[Vladimir]: Um, no.
(I'll have to get him to tell the story of the time he got Harvey Weinstein's autograph after Jabba the Harv initially blew him off in a similar fashion. Vladimir seems to be very good at wheedling celebrities, a skill that cannot be too highly valued.)

So I highly recommend that you read and/or friend his journal (vladimirsever), because I believe he said his next stop was a press conference with Johnny Depp, at which he may or may not be able to beat off the fangirls long enough to get face time (I LOVE YOU SQUISH). He's a journalist, you have to remember, and frequently regales me with tales of all the press con questions he's asked various and sundry celebrities. In fact, one of the reasons I sorta kinda look forward to his film fest assignments is that, in the past, he's sent a couple of postcards he's gotten autographed for me. The first was James Ivory; the second was Jonathan Demme. He tried to get Johnny last year, but Johnny disappeared in a vortex of mauling fanpoodles who shouldn't have been cleared by security anyway, and that was that, which is so unfair, because WE WERE HERE FIRST, TEENIES, SO BACK OFF.


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