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One thing you must know about me is that I have a thing for dolls. Not baby dolls. I mean, I used to. When I was six. Now it's all about the dolls in the pretty clothes. Maybe this is because I also have a thing for looking at costumes. Not wearing them, or making them. Just... looking at them. So naturally I have the Toy Biz Galadriel, Eowyn, and Arwen dolls (well, just the lavender-dress Arwen, not the white dress--I'm still trying to get hold of that for less than $50, because that's just insane). Another thing you must know about me is that I inherited an extreme thrifty streak from my late grandfather. Thus, I'm all over these dolls because they're only about $19. Or they would have been, if people hadn't gone and BOUGHT THEM ALL and PUT THEM ON EBAY for TWICE AS MUCH. Ahem.

Unfortunately, my thrifty streak is only semi-functional, because if I were really thrifty, I wouldn't be buying myself this shit at all. But you see why it would be a problem, if I got an email from saying that they're having a half-off sale on some of their leftover crap, and some of that leftover crap involved dolls. Which I did. And they are. And it does.

Must. not. buy Aragorn doll. for other dolls. to fight over. Particularly since Aragorn dolls are usually hideous.

(Oh, for God's sake, Arwen, stop pining.)

(Eowyn doll: "Can I have his sword?")

(You know, it's really one of the least bad-looking Aragorn dolls I've se--MUST NOT BUY!)

I have to stay strong, y'all. I already want to buy the next Lemony Snicket book coming out in a couple of weeks, and I want a new pair of headphones because the ones I'm wearing right now are like six years old and really tatty, and if I get into the habit of spending spending spending, I'll be down to my last $50 again in no time. Also, I want a TiVo and an iPod and a pony. Damn you, luxury goods and services! DAMN YOU TO HELL!

It is nice, though, to have enough money to pay for actual incidental expenses, which is what I've really set the money aside for. Like website hosting fees--very small expenses that will make only mild dents in my new savings. Actually, my LiveJournal account just came up for renewal yesterday, which is fine, except that it should have come up in July. I finally figured out that someone must have bought me a gift subscription, but I don't even know who to thank!

Meanwhile, on The Amazing Race last night... the Zorbs were freakin' awesome. Brandon is still adorable (see "Photo Album" on the previous link), and has sucked my sister into watching the show. Also, I am extremely looking forward to EXTREME!Colin's sobby meltdown next week ("Oh my God... I hate you!"), although some FT posters pointed out he might be talking to something rather than someone.

(Am I the only person who was half-expecting the show to capitalize on the NZ-LOTR connection? "It's my Roadblock, Sam! A task that only one person may perform!" [Of course I was--I've got LOTR dolls on the brain.] )

So. The book. You know, that thing I'm supposed to be writing. Arrrrgh. Working on Harry Potter right now, of course, what with the converting Sister Girl and all. Unfortunately, I have a close-reading Milton paper due next week and a midterm the day before the book manuscript is due. Fnarrr. Have cleaned half a gig of MP3s off my computer (sob!) so as to be able to use the damn thing for the week and a half it will take for the new one to arrive--wish me luck.
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