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Oh God. I am so ashamed of myself. Is it retail therapy if it's ugly?

Since we were talking about it last night, and I had conversations with several different people on the subject, herewith: a list of links to scary LOTR toys.

Not the face of a happy man.


Tell me this is not what I just bought. Seriously, if it sucks this bad, I will just resell it on eBay. And you know how I feel about eBay capitalists, and will probably continue to feel until I start pirating some serious cash myself, because I'm a hypocrite like that. What was the subject again?

Not bad.

The best Aragorn figure ever. (The best Legolas.)

A really awesome upcoming Galadriel Barbie. Legolas is poncy. Arwen's okay, if thoroughly Barbie. This is possibly the worst Aragorn ever.

I take that back. SO SCARY. (Right next to Aragorn: My Galadriel doll. Except mine doesn't look quite as good as the prototype there. She does have a "silver" brooch the prototype doesn't have, though.)

Same people, main menu: some of the likenesses are just horrifically off, due to what must have been a tragic scanning accident that ended in flames and recriminations, but some of them look pretty good. Here's the Arwen I'm still looking for, even though she's kinda scary. (Actually, she looks better in the produced version. But I AM NOT PAYING $60 FOR THIS DOLL. WELL, UNLESS I GET REALLY DESPERATE.) That's my Eowyn right above her.

Awww! The littlest orc!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I think I'm coming down with a cold, because I keep sneezing. And crying. Although that has less to do with the cold than with stress and hormones, I think. Mostly hormones. I'm actually coming along pretty well on the Harry Potter parody, although I'm still struggling with a Matrix fight scene to be written in faux-programmer code.

Oh, and Vladimir ran into Alfonso Cuarón at the Venice fest. And got his autograph. And did not get one for me. God bless him, he's already angsting about it. Apparently he's "set up an interview with Katsushiro Otomo, director of Steamboy" that he's going to give to me for the Digest even though I haven't updated it in forever because I suck yea suckfully. Oh, and apparently he's going to the Shark Tale party, which will probably involve him meeting more celebs, because he always does. I swear, the man is fame bait.

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