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Over at Vladimir's journal: The Shark Tale premiere/press conference. "I notice that the buffet is almost exclusively stuffed with seafood, and I point out the weirdness of that to the press office lady. She just smiles and says that Jeffrey [Katzenberg] has a weird sense of humor." (Bonus Will Smith quote: "I just flew over here from Tokyo and am travelling to South Africa on Sunday. I'm so jetlagged, sometimes I even forget to be sexy.")

He says now that he did get me someone's autograph, but he won't say whose. I would try to guess, but he also got me a surprise present a little while back, and I guessed it instantly, so... I'll just let that one lie.

(Oddity in my junk mail folder: We can slash your monthly expenses! WATER/ELECTRICITY OTP! THEIRLOVEISSOFORBIDDEN!)

I was talking to bibliotech yesterday and she said that, no kidding, she actually met someone named Cleolinda for real. Like, actual birth name and everything (I KNOW!). And then we were talking about the weirdness of Googling "Cleolinda" and coming up with nothing but stuff about me--not even about me, but things by me, endless blog and journal entries (because, as I've previously noted, I cannot shut up), and... this page.

And wouldn't you know it, there's absolutely no way listed to contact anyone running the site. I ended up having to write to their advice column ("So, uh... can you advise me on how to... uh... get in touch with an editor or something?"). Fortunately the editor got back to me within a few hours and seems like a nice guy, and the site, you must admit, is very spiff. I may take them up on that offer after all (though God knows what I would write about).

Anyway. Thanks to that site, I discovered Liberty Meadows today. I read all the strips available on the site and kept thinking, "Man, these storylines are so disjointed," until I finally realized that "uncensored strips" meant "only strips that had been censored in the first place." So now I want to read everything else. It reminds me a little of every "wacky pack of animals" comic strip you ever liked, but with this awesome Marvel Comics babe at the center. Seriously, I think I would switch teams for Brandy. She is that awesome.



(Will be good. Will put Liberty Meadows books on Christmas/birthday list. Mom starts Christmas shopping--well, in August, actually. Remember, she has two kids with December birthdays.)

Also: I have a headache because my headphones are finally on their last legs--only the left ear works now. The weird thing is, they've been crappy for at least a year now, but they didn't decide to die until I made plans to buy a new pair tomorrow anyway. But, you know, God forbid a constant stream of '80s music should cease to be piped directly into my skull.

Come to think of it, the headache may just be from today in general--my stepsister-in-law... my stepfather's son's wife... look, let's just call her "Beth"--wanted to come do a Mary Kay demo for Sister Girl and our cousin (mother's sister's daughter... sigh), and it turned into this giant bipartisan family luncheon/flying circus. I came downstairs about an hour into it, and it was all eyeshadow and prosciutto and Pomeranians barking and cat leaping across the room and Provolone and chicken salad and lip pencils and stephew jumping up and down wanna-go-swim and baby step-neice (steice?) flinging cantaloupe at the cat and dueling batches of brownies and my aunt watching football and honeydew chunks underfoot. (Honestly--makeup and toddlers and football? If I had been thirteen, it would have been the seventh circle of my own personal hell. As it was, I was just sort of like, "Mmm, smoked cheddar.") So all in all, not so bad. But hectic.


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