Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Horoscope today: Stop trying to juggle every ball at once. Come back and pick some up later.

Wow, Sister Girl is mad about tonight's Amazing Race (she's a Models for God fan, and is afraid they won't win if Colin and Christie are still in the game). Although she really enjoys going around shouting, "MY OX IS BROKEN! OMG I HATE YOU!"

Also, my computer has arrived, software, peripherals and all... but I can't set it up because of the hurricane. Now Mom's saying I ought to move it to the rec room two floors down in case a tree falls on the house. You know what? If a tree falls on my room, I'm thinking I'm going to have bigger problems than not having a computer, like "I ain't got no bed" and "I ain't got no clothes" and "I ain't got no roof." ("Well, that's true...")

(Damn, I hadn't been keeping up with the news and hadn't realized that New Orleans is being evacuated. I hope marcusisabadass is okay.)

Oh, and before I forget--Vladimir brought back some Howl's Moving Castle pics from Venice. (I have another, but I just cannot get it to upload. I don't know, either.) Now with correct captions:

The moving castle
the Witch of the Waste
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