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Journal of a Hurricane Year

Well, the tree fell over.

Or rather, half of the two thirds that was left did. On its own, too--gravity apparently did the trick, because I don't think the storm even got here until late/early in the night. The storm, by the way, is just sort of that sulky combination of rain and wind at this point--no thunder or lightning, no tornadoes, no ripping winds. There is a 60-foot pine outside my window that's sort of giving me an impertinent look, but I think that if it falls, it'll hit our neighbor's house (yay...?).

We've already lost power twice in the last half hour or so--just for half a minute or so, but it doesn't bode well. The NBC affiliate is saying that a quarter of a million people have already lost power in Alabama--1000 of them in Birmingham alone. So I went ahead and made a hot breakfast while I could and cranked the AC down to polar. Oddity: we also had a massive toilet overflow last night, which I totally don't understand because even after I unclogged it, no... clog came up. Seriously, it was just clean water. I started wondering if it was hurricane-related, but I can't imagine flooding having started yet...

Dammit. I wish we could keep the power, even if I couldn't have the internet, because there'd be nothing better than to curl up and watch a pile of movies, which I totally have. I have a bad habit of asking for dozens of movies for Christmas and birthday and then just not watching them. Vladimir was scandalized yesterday that I still hadn't watched the Errol Flynn Robin Hood that he got me for Christmas. "But I'm saving them for a rainy day!" And then I heard the biggest "HAR" ever coming across the Atlantic from the direction of Croatia: "WELL, IT'S A RAINY DAY NOW!"

Oh dear. Looks like the wind's picking up. My room is on the back of the house, with the windows facing out that way--into the hurricane, apparently. YAY.

Oh, by the way--if the power does go out for good, I did save the Blogspot Audioblogger number to my new phone (I ought to pull out the LJ number, too). If you don't hear from me after several hours, do check for me and see if I've phone-posted, because I think I'll still be able to do that. And pass it on to other non-hurricaned (HURRICANED!) folks if I have. I mean, you know, if you care and all. You very possibly don't. But then I'm not sure why you're reading my journal if you don't. Anyway. I'll try to say something worth passing on, although I can't promise anything ("So things aren't looking too good right OMGWTFTREEEEE!").

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