Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Checking in from someone else's computer

Still no internet. GAH ACK KILL HATE SUCK. Apparently BellSouth is having massive problems right now in the wake of the hurricane, so even though I had DSL during the hurricane, I don't have it now. Whatever.

Now that the Milton mini-paper is done--I'll post that when I'm back at my own desk, and, with any luck, soon--I'm going to see if the prof thinks it would be worth expanding for the final paper. The hardest part of writing a paper, is far as I'm concerned, is figuring out what to write about, the "so what?" of the thesis, and then outlining that. (And the research. For some reason, I adore research when it's on my own terms ["Let's read about influenza epidemics today!"], but I hate it when it's mandated. It must be like Twain said [and this is a rough paraphrase], that work is what you have to do and play is everything else.) So if I take a six-page paper with my primary research already done, and outlined rather well in terms of what I wanted to talk about, and then just start adding other critics' views (and on this particular passage, there are many) here and there to each word as I discuss it, really, that shouldn't be too bad. And I also thought of something I should have concluded, or concluded more clearly, but didn't, so my part of the paper can be expanded as well. Anyway.

(That first sentence in the paragraph was actually going to be, "Now that the Milton mini-paper is done, I'm just relaxing and moving files.")

Now that I'm done with the goddamn thing, I'm just relaxing and moving files. I mean, yes, I have a midterm next Thursday, and--Jesus, where the hell did August go? I swear, it was August a week ago. Anyway--I have a lot of catch-up reading in Paradise Lost to do, but screw it, I'm moving files.

I find it really relaxing, actually. Not the physical CD-to-computer part, but the part where you have all the files there and you have to integrate them into your filing system. The way it's worked out, I've had, say, one CD of pictures backed up in November, and one in March, and one in June, so I get to collate and combine all of them. I'm sure it would drive some people nuts, but for me, it's like Free Cell or Tetris or something. Of course, I'm still getting something like every third CD coming up corrupt, so that's a little heartbreaking ("NOOOOO! MOVIES M-Z! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEEE?"), but all my Word files are all right, and I suppose that's what matters. I really wish I had ACDSee on hand to manage the pictures, but it won't let me reinstall the thing... without the internet. GAH.


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