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Paper-induced dementia, part 2

(Part one)

(Rocking back and forth)

Papers was due this morning! We fails the class, precious!

No! It lies, precious! Good master never said what time papers was due! Good master doesn't even care! Remember how good master gave us extra week when we was sick?

I told you not to eat so many fisssh.

But precious--!

I know, precious, they was raw and wriggling, and that's why we ended up roarking in Forbidden Pool.

But see? Good master didn't care! Good master won't care now! Only a few hours late, maybe not even late! See? Good master takes care of us!

[Sulking.] We're sick of Heaney and Yeatses, precious. Sick sick sick! No more papers! No more criticses! No more databases that say they have Yeatses and Greekses in article and then they do not, only two mentions in the bibliography! Wicked! Tricksy! FALSE! We drops the class!


We can do that, precious! We are graduate students! We can drops the class right up until the last day!

NO! Not betray good master! We might wants to take his classes again! We can still make A! Master is good! Master is soft-touch! Man of God! Master won't care that paper is late!


And afterwards we eat Corn Pops!

Corn Pops?

Yessss, precious.

Are they... crunchable?

Brand-new box, precious. Fresh and crunchable.

[Considering] All right, precious. We writes stupid paper about stupid Yeatses and stupid Greekses.
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