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Cleolinda Jones

Whoa--forget Garbage; there's a Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue song? This is too awesome. "Where the Wild Roses Grow"--it has a very turn-of-the-century ballad feel to it. Kylie's all like, "They call me The Wild Rose/ why they call me that I do not know/ 'cause that's totally not my name, yo," and Nick's all like, "She was the most beautiful woman I ever saw/ like the bloody red roses IN DEATH'S GAPING MAW," and you know this isn't going to turn out well. I mean, never mind that in this song, Nick Cave apparently walks up to The Wild Kylie's door, like, a hundred years ago and is like, "You wanna do the sex?" And The Wild Kylie's all like, "Sure, why not? Even though I'm a virgin and all," and all the villagers go "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" And Nick's like "You are too awesome to live," and The Wild Kylie's like, "Aww, thanks," and Nick's like, "NO, REALLY. THE ROCK IN MY FIST THINKS SO TOO."

I mean--"Red Right Hand" is a great song and a staple of the horror movie soundtrack, but I'm not really familiar with the rest of his oeuvre, so... does anyone ever make it out alive in a Nick Cave song? I mean, for real, y'all. It's like Stephen King died and came back as a musician.

Vladimir: you totally need to get (opens drawer) all his albums from My Funeral Your Trial to Murder Ballads
Vladimir: the Kylie song is on the latter

Cleolinda : oooo, Murder Ballads!
Cleolinda : I thought it sounded like a ballad!

Vladimir: which came out in 1996

Cleolinda : ahhh
Cleolinda : what a strange combination. I mean, it works really well, but I'm trying to imagine the train of thought that led up to "Get Kylie Minogue on the phone."

Vladimir: oh, Nick told me about it first hand

Cleolinda : hee
Cleolinda : famebait!

Vladimir: (amn't)
Vladimir: he had a thing for Kylie for years, see

Cleolinda : heeeeeeeeee

Vladimir: and he finally wrote a really slow song for her to sing - she only had fast songs before

Cleolinda : well, in the song, she is the most beautiful woman ever--awww

Vladimir: and he called her and she loved the idea
Vladimir: and so that classic song was born
Vladimir: I think Nick restarted her career, actually

ETA: You can see the (streaming) video here.

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