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Have forcibly extracted myself from the wild roses song by applying a ten-song Garbage mix that I downloaded last night (that I already own on three different CDs, thank you very much). God bless Shirley Manson--Kylie Minogue sings that she can't get you out of her head, and you're like, "Wow, lucky me." Shirley Manson sings that she can't get you out of her head, and you're like, "She's hiding in the bushes right now, isn't she?" Bless.

Sam is fine. His Band-Aids came off and Mom had to make him "a Band-Aid boot," as she called it, and it all came off fine the next morning and he's okay. A little Resolve, and the carpet is okay, too.

Still struggling to move files from computer to computer, but it's sort of a satisfying struggle--like a game of solitaire, or trying to solve that riddle about the fox and the goose and the grain on the boat that only holds two at a time. Except more time-consuming than that.

Tired. I would have slept later, but I have to be up and waiting for the electricians to come fix assorted bum outlets (outlets that are bum, i.e., not working--not the outlets of bums. I would just have the bums removed).

Urg. Maybe I'll go sleep a little while longer anyway...

ETA: Speaking of which, if you want the Garbage/Kylie Minogue cover, which appears to be a brief bootleg from a concert (and does not seem to be available on CD, so don't even start with me regarding MP3 ethics), leave me your email address in the comments. (Or if you just don't feel comfortable with that, email it to me at cleolinda at I'd rather upload it once and send it to everyone than upload it a hundred times.

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