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Paper-induced dementia, part 3

(Part one)
(Part two)

Stupid Yeatses. Stupid Troy.

Troy not stupid, precious! Looks like very good movie, yes yes!

Not the movie, precious! The Yeatses poems.


...There's a movie, precious?

Yes, yes! Lots of pretty, lots of squee!

...Crunchable squee?

Yes, yes! Very crunchable! Pretty elf boy! On Leno tonight, yes, precious!

Leno? Leno! Stupid fat Leno! Always tricksy, always false! Says pretty squee will be on, and then tells nassty stupid jokeses! Then says pretty squee on next, and next never comes! Stupid band plays and show is over! And we sits up all night to see, yes, precious, we do! Wicked Leno!

Letterman, too.


We can squeeze them after crunchable squee is on, precious.

[Wicked gleam] Yesssss... after crunchable squee...
Tags: best of, irony, lord of the rings, movies, school, troy

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