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I just really enjoyed this story:
"Teen Who Survived Car Crash Alert"

SEATTLE - A teenage girl who survived eight days stranded in her car after it crashed and tumbled into a ravine is alert, sarcastic and entertaining her doctors from her hospital bed, her sister said Wednesday.

Doctors said 17-year-old Laura Hatch may have been saved by her own dehydration, which prevented the expansion of a blood clot in her brain.

"She has a very strong personality," her sister Amy told ABC's "Good Morning America." "I wouldn't say she necessarily knows what she's saying all the time, or what's going on, but she's strong willed and sarcastic and she's definitely giving them a run for their money as far as giving them attitude."

"Sarcastic and entertaining her doctors." I so want to send this girl flowers. And this is on top of the part about how she was in the ditch for eight days and wasn't found until after she was given up for dead and one of the volunteer searchers had a psychic dream and went back into this random stretch of woods with her daughter looking for her, which you wouldn't even believe if this were fiction, but it is real life, which makes it incredibly awesome.

Completely off that topic: USAToday raves about tonight's episode of Lost, saying that flashbacks (no!) "unveil a string of increasingly surprising secrets. The final twist is a shock, but it's not a cheat. The clues are all there, if you look for them. This is simply a great hour of TV, and one that gives you every reason to expect more great hours ahead." Be there or be square, y'all.
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