Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Pathetic, desperate cybersex-seekers have descended on theferrett's post about strip Candyland, hitting up the women (or in some cases, the "women") for play. The first guy I found, just scanning through it:

"And yes, I can get some kind of mental image of you naked. The question is, would you go into more detail, and do it slowly, alternating with me, as we each remove clothing? I dare you!"

(Oh, well, now that you've questioned her courage, clearly she will fall for it and cyber-strip for you just to show you that she can. Well played, creepy wanker. Well played.)

Girl in question: ""In general, I do not discuss, reminisce, or cyber with unknown people on the Internet. Certainly not anonymous posters."

Guy: "So, if I joined live journal you maybe WOULD play a strip game with me?"

Other guy: "I don't expect you'll reply to this, but I thought I would say a little more about myself. I'm a writer, and..."

(She doesn't care that you're a writer--she doesn't know you, fool.)

Girl gets angry, and is awesome.

Another guy: "Did you end up totally naked? How did you feel about that?"

(And did the lambs ever stop screaming? EWWW, dude.)

Why am I telling you this? Well, in a subsequent entry, Ferrett is giving us "full rein to destroy them." WOOT. The saddest part? This one guy keeps copy-and-pasting the same pickup lines ("Thanks for your reply. I landed on this website the other day when I put "strip games" into a search engine. I have a suggestion: how would you feel about playing a strip game here...?") I suggest that some of you guys with unisex-sounding names grab one of my Heroine Addict icons or something and go over there, because it's the girly icons he hits on, and start telling him about the time you played Strip Jenga. And what happened when you took off your pants. Hell, I'm tempted to start an offensive of my own. C'mon, it'll be fun.

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