Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
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Still on the first scene shut up.

Speaking of which, I've had an idea. The short version of this idea: rosehannah (because every blessed and/or reasonable variation of "blackribbon" was taken). The long version: Well, I needed a place to post text-only versions of the story, since I'd had a few people in my workshop ask for that, and it's better to use a journal than a web page because then I can easily lock entries if I need to pull the story offline, and it's better to use a separate journal from this one because that way I won't be directing outsiders here and having them wander through my personal Kool-Aid looking for the serial. And it's a community journal rather than a personal journal because 1) it can hold more members than a personal journal can friends (not that this will be a problem the way it was with m15m), 2) I'm a lazy cuss who'd rather update a comm from this account than log into a separate one, and 3) because I'm pretty sure Black Ribbon will have a much smaller audience than Movies in Fifteen Minutes, it may be possible to let people to post about things that are reasonably BR-related and yet not actually having to do with the story itself (like just the Victorian era in general, or favorite books set in the period) and just have fun discussing that, because God knows it won't get too many updates from me.

Also, since I'm clearly not finishing the whole installment any time tonight, I'm going to try to just kick the ass of this one first scene. And post it on rosehannah when I'm done. That's why I brought it up.

(Don't wait up for me.)

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