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Did not sleep last night.

1 am: Not sleeping.

2 am: Not sleeping.

3 am: Unhappy tummy.

4 am: Awful dream about my teeth rotting out in twos and threes.

5 am: Cat prancing on spleen.

6 am: Not sleeping.

I am also having major Digest guilt right now--not only have they finally cast Superman, but now there's Fantastic Four cast pics (read: blonde Jessica Alba and tasty Ioan Gruffudd). (And Keith Richards has had costume fittings for POTC2! I have to get the site back up! Please donate your extra or unwanted hours in the day in the box at the bottom of this entry.)

Having a hard time eating lately, for some reason. I know I should eat, but... I just don't feel hungry. It's too easy to think of reasons not to, and then my blood sugar bottoms out and I crash. I've started taking these "One-a-Day Weight Smart" vitamins, just because they were what I had on hand, but I don't remember the appetite suppressing effect being this severe before.

Anyway. I'm having one of those weeks where my mental energy far outstrips my physical energy, and I'm paralyzed by all the things I want to write, because I'm afraid I don't have the time to finish them. I'd feel like shit if I updated the Digest for, like, two weeks and then let it slip back into oblivion again. I'm already going to feel terrible if I don't manage to keep posting scenes to rosehannah. And I'm supposed to be working on the book. (Although I do feel reenergized by writing something with actual sentences and characters and plots, as opposed to pages upon pages of one-liners, so I probably need to set aside time to write fiction just for my own writerly health, M15M book or no.) And then I feel like I ought to put up some kind of non-book "Fifteen Minutes" because I keep getting emails from people asking when another one is going up and are there really only six or seven parodies online in the first place or are they just not seeing the others? (There are no others.) And it would be nice to put it up in time for Halloween (and I'm not even telling you what I'm thinking of, because if I did, it would guarantee that I would not be able to finish it). You know, just for fun. OH MY GOD I CAN'T MOVE.

I'm going to see if we have any macaroni now.
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