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More Halloween spam!

J.K. Rowling has posted a surprise on her official site--you'll need some patience to get to it, but if you're a big fan of the HP books, it's worth it (I thought).

1. You start out at her desktop. Click the hair elastic (I think that's what it is).

2. Now you're at the door that she hid the next book title behind a while back, remember? So. Sit here and wait for Peeves to come along. You're going to be here a while. Like, ten minutes.

3. Peeves shows up and knocks over a vase. Keys fall out and start flying around. You're going to have to drag them, one by one, to the keyhole until one fits. This will very likely take you a while.

4. Now you're at a different version of her desk. Click/drag on the drawer handle and get the magnifying glass out. There's a piece of paper with twelve lines of writing on it--hover the glass over that and then let go.

5. The paper has a riddle on it. In case you can't think of the answer, let's just say it rhymes with "raptors."

6. You get a folder. Click/drag on the edges of the three pieces of paper at the top. (It looks like there are four, but I think one of them is actually a second folder.) Voilà.

Oh, and here's a little present--I know there were a few latecomers who didn't get the Garbage/Kylie Minogue cover, and I lost some of the email addresses I was saving up for a final mail-out. So--it's nothing special, but if you still want it, this link is good for seven days. After that, you see the ring, you die, everyone will suffer, etc.

Meanwhile... I have absolutely nothing to do tonight. It's just one of those off-years, you know? It's Sunday night--half the town went out last night and the other half is confused as to whether they should even go out tonight at all. Nothing much to do, nothing really good to do for a costume, let's just stay home and watch scary movies. Except that the cable channels are really disappointing me with their lineups this year. The best that TCM can muster is The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting, full stop. The Omen was great, but... that was Friday, man.

So: Let's see what's on. Ooo. WGN is showing a bunch of X-Files and "Post-Modern Prometheus," you know, the really great black-and-white one with the monster who loves Cher, is on in fifteen minutes. That was pretty awesome. Man. I would so love to own the first six or seven seasons on DVD, but those bitches are expensive.

Hmm. Local/network channels: Dracula: Dead and Loving It? *thumbs down* Child's Play? Eh, you get points for running the original, but... *thumbs down*

A&E: Chocolat? Are you friggin' kidding me? IT'S HALLOWEEN. You wanna show a Johnny Depp movie, you pony up for Edward Scissorhands or Sleepy Hollow or, at the very least, that first Nightmare on Elm Street that he was in. Damn. Amateurs.

AMC: Scream 2. Bzzzt! Thanks for playing.

Comedy Central: Scary Movie 2. Now I'm just sad.

SCI-FI: Thirteen Ghosts. Oh, that's just bargain-bin, right there.

TCM: Before the Haunting movies, they are showing Spellbound, which isn't very Halloween but is pretty awesome, and has a really young Gregory Peck in it, for those of you with The Omen still in your heads. I may at least watch that.


USA: Queen of the Damned. Okay... that's one of those movies that's a completely different kind of horrifying.

VH1: Austin Powers. Oh, for the love of... please stop encouraging people to dress up like Austin Powers and/or Dr. Evil. It's just obnoxious. And if you don't believe me, try sitting out Halloween night at a party with some slightly tubby guy in love beads shouting "DO I MAKE YOU HORNY BABY YEAH!" every five minutes. NO NO NO.

WE: Terms of Endearment. o.O

Sigh. As you move past 7 pm and over to 9 pm it gets a little better--Scream, Underworld, Harry Potter (and more straightforward thrillers like Red Dragon and Alien)... I don't really know how to tell you what I'm looking for. It's not just a movie that's scary, you know? A Halloween movie has some sort of whimsy or fantasy or camp to it. It might scare the bejesus out of you, but it's not something that could actually happen. Serial killers? Can actually happen. Serial killers who die and are resurrected 56 times and are impervious to anything short of a nuclear blast? Not actually gonna happen. I think this is why supernatural movies are so much fun on Halloween, that whole "not really gonna happen" element, because on Halloween, you sort of feel like it could happen, because Halloween is an exception. You know, like ghosts and vampires and demonic possession and all that. I don't want to watch a movie like Red Dragon about a sociopath who breaks into homes and butchers families in their beds (in Atlanta and Birmingham, ACK), because that shit actually happens. I wanna see something with Vincent Price or Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing, you know? Fighting the powers of evil with crazy logic and good diction. I would pop in Bram Stoker's Dracula and just call it a night, but I don't have it on DVD, and my VCR hates me. Dammit.

(Does it make me a total loser that I just found the Jeremy Brett version of The Hound of the Baskervilles and went "Ooo"?)

ETA: lumaria just commented that ohdanigirl has updated, and... she's found Jen. Run, Eric, run!

P.S. Make sure you read the comments on his blog--the two I've read so far are from Jen and Eric to each other--that is, they're in-story comments, not from a bunch of yahoos like us.


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