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Those links go to journal entries about what to expect at the polls--in particular, RNC poobahs challenging voter eligibility (particularly in minority-heavy areas). So, to sum up: take at least two forms of ID; esorlehcar seems to have been able to use a utility bill to satisfy one of those requirements. And as far as voter advocates go, I'd never even heard of such a thing and wouldn't have known how to find one. So if you think your eligibility might be challenged, go and ask about voter advocates before you get your ballot. Like, "Where is a voter advocate?," and get one pointed out to you. If they don't have one (!), ask for someone working with the Democratic party, one of the volunteers. Don't wait until you've got your challenged vote in your hand and they're all shifty like, "I dunno, I think the advocate went out for coffee." Find the volunteer or advocate before they know why you want her. And no matter what happens, DO NOT LEAVE. If you get challenged and you ARE eligible, you raise hell until they let you vote. And if you have trouble, come back and document it. Write down challengers' names, voting locations, the time it happened. Fight for your vote if you have to.

I personally don't think I will have a problem, as I live in a predominantly white neighborhood that will very likely vote Republican--it's downtown Birmingham that ought to worry. But this is absolutely outrageous, y'all. And it's not like the Democrats are doing this. Once again, it's the Republicans. I don't care if the weather is nasty. I don't care if the line is long. If you are American, you must go vote, because they are actively trying to disenfranchise people. This is so not on.


From ebonlock: "If you have any questions about voting or problems being allowed to vote here's the info you need: 'Our hotline (1-866-OURVOTE/687-8683) is an immediate, on-the-spot resource staffed by lawyers and law students trained to resolve your problem.'

"They've also got links to rules for many of the states right on the main page, and remember, if there is a problem with your registration you can and should ask for a provisional ballot which will allow you to cast your vote. And if you're the slightest bit concerned about electronic voting machines you can ask for a paper ballot and they are required to give it to you."

A link from terriem: How is this shit happening in America?

ETA2: More voting problems from comments in thebratqueen's entry:
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