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This and that

OMG, I just got back from the grocery store, and Harry Potter totally bagged my milk and bread. I am serious--hair, glasses, everything. I kept trying to discreetly peer up under his bangs to see if he had a lightning-shaped scar, but no dice.

You know what the worst part about my paper-induced dementia was? That paper only had to be eleven pages plus bibliography, on a subject I like, about two poets I liked. I've waxed papers twice that long. (Keeping a journal and a blog and all that really does help you keep your fingers limber, so to speak.) But I just. couldn't. do it. After my computer crashed and I lost my work, it was just over for me. It's like my brain had already checked out and gone on holiday.

Even worse? I have the exam for this same class tomorrow, and my brain is off skiing.
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