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So we decorated the Christmas tree last night. Fortunately Sister's Boyfriend was able to get here from Huntsville last night rather than tonight, because my family made it pretty clear that they would decorate the night he got in, whether I had an exam and could not be there or not. (Bitter? Oh, a tad.)

Joined Angels in America in progress sometime after eight (an hour in), and then watched it all over again on HBO-W after it was over so I could see how it started. It was really, really good--wonderful acting and writing--and yet... it wasn't the revelation that all these reviews had promised. (Emma Thompson was a perfect angel, though.) I mean, I don't think it was "the best movie this year, period" or that "if this had come out in theaters, it would have swept the Oscars." After all that, I was expecting a movie that would give me a blowjob, a hot fudge sundae, and a balanced checkbook. See? This is why you don't want to trumpet your reviews too hard--it just sets up expectations you can't fulfill.

So. Have not heard any confirmation from Quinlan that he received my paper. Maybe he feels he didn't need to email me back. Maybe he didn't get it at all. Maybe we fails, precious. I don't know. The scary thing is that I really don't care--I feel this lovely floating apathy. Quite nice, actually.

Oh, one more thing. My personal selection for Icon of the Day: "Maybe this will teach you to listen to authoritah!"
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