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Veronica Mars 1:7, "The Girl Next Door"

All right--I got a little hung up on the "ask me a question" meme one entry back, but I'm ready to rumble now.

The A plot, the mystery of the week, is that Veronica's pregnant neighbor goes missing and it totally looks like the brooding-artist boyfriend offed her. The show opens with two bodies being wheeled down to an ambulance and Veronica angsting that maybe things wouldn't have turned out "this way" if she hadn't gotten involved. I hate this kind of beginning because, as we find out at the end of the show, they are totally cheating with the "bodies." Anyway. Veronica has this cute young redheaded neighbor who lives right over the Marses and she's pregnant and she has loud fights with Brooding Artist all the time and she needs to go to the doctor and asks Veronica to go with her. Oh, and her personal journal/sketchbook has gone missing.

So later Veronica hears them out on the balcony fighting about some other girl and the fact that Brooding Artist told Redhead's mom that she's pregnant, which apparently she didn't know. Then, that night, Veronica is awakened by a woman's scream and a loud THUMP above her head. It totally sounds like Redhead was killed, and I still don't know what was really supposed to have happened. So Veronica tells her dad, Keith, and Keith just thinks her concern is cute or something. But then when she goes to pick Redhead up for the doctor visit, no one answers the door. Ruh-roh.

So Veronica goes looking for Redhead at the clothing shop where she works, which is apparently called "Encore of Neptune." The young boss guy is all like, "Gah, she didn't show up for work today. But that's totally not like her." He bitches about the "violent" Brooding Artist a good bit and says that he was one of Redhead's friends. Concerned, Veronica tracks down Brooding Artist at his studio, where he is a total dick. But he does claim that Redhead gets upset like this sometimes, and she runs off on her own a lot (which contradicts what Encore said about her work record, but I don't know. Maybe she runs away but still goes to work. You'll see later why I think Brooding Artist is telling the truth). Also, a woman who is clearly the "other girl" they were fighting about is there, and she models nudely in the nude for him. Veronica's all like, "GAH, I didn't know this was CLOTHING OPTIONAL," but I have to say, there are nude paintings all around her, and she's in a studio. What were you expecting, V?

So then Veronica breaks into the Brooding Artist-Redhead apartment that night because she is crazy, and also because Redhead's chihuahua Killer won't. shut. up. and no one's home to shut it up, which is sort of a good reason to break in, I guess (...?), and she starts poking around with a mini-flashlight, and it's like every serial killer movie you've ever watched from between your fingers. Seriously, when she was going towards the half-open closet I expected her to find, like, a girl suit ("Made from REAL GIRLS!") or something. But just as she finds a pearl-handled gun in a bureau drawer, Brooding Artist comes home, and she totally just gives up and comes out and says that "the door was unlocked" and she came to check on Killer. ("Killer." Nice.) And Brooding Artist broods, "I NEVER LEAVE THE DOOR UNLOCKED," and Veronica is like, "Well, I guess [Redhead] left it unlocked. That's possible, isn't it?" Meaning that she's trying to catch him in some sort of, "Impossible! I KILLED HER!" facial reaction or something. But he gives away nothing and kicks her out.

Then Redhead's mother and stepfather arrive all worried and looking for her, and Veronica gives them Keith's card. The upside of this is that they end up hiring Keith to find Redhead, after a sort of chilling consultation where the mom's like, "[Redhead] was always trouble. She ran away from home," etc., etc., and honestly, Redhead is made to sound a lot like The Late Lilly.

Speaking of The Late Lilly, I may as well bring up the B plot here. The B plot is that Logan and Weevil get in trouble for needling each other during a test, and they get detention from the guy--well, let's put it this way. If he's not Mulder's informant Mr. X, he's the guy's twin brother. (I think it really is him.) So Logan and Weevil, who already hate each other in a West Side Story kind of way, are forced to bond over a week of detention. (It starts out as a day, but then Teacher X gets all pissy over them playing cards and decides to "teach them discipline" and... it's kind of a long story.) So first they have to wash Teacher X's car, which apparently he took mudding. Forty years ago. And then he makes them realphabetize all the books in this English classroom, and this is where Weevil and Logan hatch the plan to get him back: they'll move his car to the flagpole courtyard. Except that somehow, the flagpole is in the middle of the car. I don't know how, either, but it reminds me of that whole gag science nerds play with the taking your car totally apart and reassembling it in, like, a coat closet or something. And we know that Tío de Weevil is an auto mechanic, so I can see how these two kids could have it be done. And of course Teacher X is furious. Weevil totally takes the fall for the whole thing, which is interesting because you see Weevil and Logan exchange knowing looks in the hall, like--I can understand why Logan would want Weevil to take the fall, but why would Weevil want to? And if not--if Logan was intimating that he'd bail Weevil out--he certainly takes his sweet-ass time doing it, so I don't quite get what was going on there. Anyway, Weevil gets expelled. Woe.

Meanwhile, C plot: some crazy old teacher-type lady (this is who I think she is, anyway) is planning the class of '79 reunion, which is the year Lianne Mars, née Reynolds, graduated. Sydney Tamiia Poitier (I would use her character's name, but it takes me three hours to remember "Miss Dent," so I have a feeling y'all won't remember it either) sticks Veronica with the crazy old bat to sort through 79er memorabilia (of course the old teacher is only interested in the rich 09er types). This is when Veronica discovers that Lianne was the prom queen. Who was the prom king? Duncan's dad. ACK. Apparently Lianne and Jake were this total golden couple "right out of a movie." And then Veronica starts having all these flashbacks to the day Duncan just blew her off, didn't even break up with her, just started totally ignoring her, and she begged The Live Lilly to find out why and Lilly thought the whole thing was dumb but then the next day she came back and whatever she found out, she was just all like, "Uh, you totally deserve someone better than Duncan. Who is my brother. Pay no attention to that." So she never found out what bee just suddenly got into Duncan's bonnet. Except that now we have a possible idea. And here in the present day, Veronica's all like EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

A plot: Veronica goes back to Encore of Neptune and logics out that Encore Guy totally had a thing for Redhead, and he was the one who stole her journal, one of those nights when she stayed over at his house, because he "wanted to know if she liked you as much as you liked her." Now, boy started trippin' my gaydar in his second scene, so I don't know about this, but apparently Veronica is right. Ohhhhh, I remember--he very blithely mentions that Brooding Artist is not Redhead's babydaddy, and that she was raped, and she never said who raped her, but that it seems like the rapist is the baby's father. And Veronica's all like, SAY WHAT? Seriously, I cannot tell you how nonchalantly Encore Guy just spills all this. Even so, Encore Guy stonewalls Veronica and will neither admit the theft nor give the journal back. So Veronica goes outside and calls up her boy Weevil and the next thing we know, Weevil and his boys are tossing silk ties in the air and trying on the latest "Pradda" (rhymes with "rad-a") and generally terrorizing Encore Guy. Veronica strides back in all a-smile ("Now, boys: No white after Labor Day") and secures the journal.

Back at the apartment complex, Keith stakes Brooding Artist and Naked Girl out, and sees them leaving town with two huge suitcases, and totally busts them at the train station (but not before he stuffs some huge sawed-off-looking shotgun thing in his pants, damn), and Naked Girl's all like, "He's just seeeeeeeing meeee ooooooffffff!" God, Naked Girl, put a naked sock in it or something. So Keith's all nonplussed about this.

Veronica reads through the journal, but it records only the aftermath of the rape, not the rape itself or who did it. It does have a sketch of some stretch of beach labeled "Paradise," and how Veronica finds that one beach, I don't know (but then, I wouldn't know California geography if it bit me on the ass), but she finds it, and lo, there is Redhead, alive and well. She has totally run out, just the way Brooding Artist said she did.

So Veronica brings her back and she's all proud of herself. And Keith says something sort of inappropriate about kicking back and watching TV and having Veronica rub his feet, which--you know, maybe he's joking. He's kinda goofy like that. On the other hand, he's been saying weird things like "Who's your daddy?" since day one. And Veronica's standing in front of the fridge listening to him talk about how Brooding Artist is perfectly willing to raise another man's child as if it were his own and you just see the wheels in her head turning all of a sudden: Another man's child. Another man's child. Raising another man's child. WHO'S YOUR DADDY? AHHHHHHH! But honestly? Lianne and Jake graduated 25 years ago. Veronica is 17. It's not like she got pregnant in high school and they had to split up. Veronica was conceived seven or eight years later, and unless you're telling me it happened during an affair (which is entirely possible, given the motel thing in the first episode), it really makes Lianne look like a jerk. I think there is definitely some weird kink in one of the Neptune family trees, but this feels a little like a red herring to me, particularly since we saw Lianne's reaction a few episodes ago to finding out that Veronica was dating Duncan, and it was not "Not no but HELL NO." I can't help but think that the Kanes would have sent Duncan away to, like, Catholic military Ivy prep school in a different country if they thought he was possibly dating his half-sister.

(But in a weird way, it would totally explain Keith's fixation on "daddy-daughter time": he's overcompensating.)

But the weirdness, she is not done! Logan confesses to his part in the car prank and bails Weevil out with his dad's movie star prop boots that the Neptune High principal has been lusting after for a charity auction. Weevil is "unexpelled" and they're both put to whitewashing grafitti on the school walls as replacement punishment. And since we don't see Logan getting a creepy beating this week, I can only assume that Harry Hamlin doesn't find out about the flagpole shenanigans. Anyway, to cap the incestuous weirdness off, there was a scene earlier where one of Weevil's friends was crowing about Weevil "tapping that fine white ass"--i.e., The Late Lilly's. But Weevil's all like, "SHUT UP MAN, IT WASN'T LIKE THAT!" Which means that the Weevil Crying scene at her memorial was put there for a reason (nice touch). So back to the whitewashing. You know that stereotypical red heart tattoo that usually has "MOM" written on it? Logan notices that Weevil has one that says "LILLY." Logan freaks the hell out. Weevil's all hesitant but spits out that Lilly was--note "was"--his sister's name, and manages not to pound Logan into the ground. And Logan buys it. For now. Now, I have to point out here that "Lilly" (short for "Lillian," we found out the other week) is not really the common spelling, and the chances that a guy named "Weevil" has a sister named, specifically, "Lilly" are slim. That is, a sister named Lilly who is not Lilly Kane. But what if he's telling the truth? We're left with two possibilities: Weevil really did tap that ass, but "it wasn't like that" because he really loved her and the sister bit was a bluff, or he didn't because Lilly was actually, somehow, his sister. But somehow, Lilly and Weevil were involved, and I refuse to believe that the tattoo refers to anyone else, particularly since he was crying at her memorial.

So those are the B and C plots. Back to the A plot. Veronica is busy being totally weirded out while upstairs, Mom and Stepfather are staying with Redhead and Brooding Artist and Brooding Artist is like, "Look, I've been dealing with them for two hours. You have to deal with them sometime." And I forget exactly what prompts her freakout, but she's finally like, "Oh, I'll go deal with them NOW." Downstairs, Veronica mentions that the diary doesn't say who the baby's father is--it doesn't say who raped Redhead, and Keith's all like, "Raped her? You didn't mention that she was raped." And it's interesting, because I think Keith knows exactly what happened at that point. I was totally surprised, myself, but apparently half of TWOP figured it out the moment the stepfather appeared on screen half an hour ago: "HE RAPED ME!" This is what we hear now from the upstairs apartment--Redhead is screaming at the mom and the mom doesn't believe her and is blaming her for trying to break up the family and Keith downstairs races off with his gun and Veronica is freaking out. Upstairs--I forget exactly what happened, but Redhead pulls out the pearl-handled gun and the stepfather jumps her and there's a scuffle for the gun and I can't remember if he was actually going to shoot Redhead or just beat the stuffing out of her, but Keith shoots him in the shoulder through the apartment window, which is totally badass. And of course the mother believes her now.

So those are the "bodies" we saw at the beginning--the stepfather, who was just shot in the shoulder and is totally fine, and Redhead, who turns out to be fine as well, except for the fact that she's carrying her stepfather's rape-baby. You know, except for that. And Veronica's all like, "I guess I'm grounded, huh?" I can't figure out exactly what for--a girl went missing; they found her; they both assumed the wrong thing about the scary brooding boyfriend; the girl ended up confronting her mother and her rapist. How Veronica really has anything to do with this, I don't know. Fortunately Keith's all like, "We'll let it go this time." And Veronica closes the show out by wondering, in voiceover, which things ought to be let go. I am thinking that the possibility you dated your brother should not be one of them.

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