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Pan-fandom fun

For those of you who thought the whole hogwartshouses thing was interesting (I was sorted into Ravenclaw): That community has been deleted, and they're starting over from the ground up at hogwartsishome. I mean, everyone who's been sorted is still in their houses, but if you were interested but shy, now is the time to get in on the ground floor. Here's what you'll need to do (and I'm quoting from the user info here):

1. Join platform_934.

2. Fill out the application provided there and post it, making sure that you...

a) put it behind an LJ-Cut. If you don't know how, go here and learn. The application is long and, if filled out correctly, even longer with answers. We don't want our friends page spammed. [Cleo Note: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LJ-CUT I AM BEGGING YOU.]

b) are very specific. The longer, the better. The more we know about you, the more accurate our sorting will be.

c) don't tweak your answers to get into a certain house. We'll know it, and we'll give you the Muggle Vote.

3. Wait for the other members to vote on your application, and then receive an official stamp.

4. Once you've been stamped, you're in! You can then join your house community (see tie-ins/affiliates), vote on other applications, and participate in activities!

Unlike most ratings communities, getting in is not an issue here. You're going to be sorted into something. Just don't be transparent about the house you want and be open to whichever house you do get sorted into, and you'll be fine. Also, in my experience: do not complain about other houses in your application. Hufflepuff is an awesome yet underappreciated house, for example, and its members are all too eager to defend its honor. You can say you don't think you're a good match with Hufflepuff, but try to give an actual reason that has something to do with your own personality. On my application, when I got to the "Which house do you really just not think you fit?" question, I put Slytherin but said, "I just don't think I'm a proud type, I'm more of a swallow-your-pride-and-negotiate type," rather than "EW SLYTHERINS HATE." See the difference?

There are a couple of other things in the fine print that will seem obvious if you've ever applied to any kind of ratings community, but I'll mention them here just in case: Don't reply to votes on your application (this rule was recently instated). Don't vote on other applications until after you're sorted. Use your best spelling and grammar. I mean, really--just post your application at platform_934 and sit back and wait (and you may have to wait a little while--I think posts are moderated, and won't immediately appear in the comm), and you should be fine. And on the last question, you can tell them that I sent you.

As for "What do y'all actually do once you're sorted?": There are contests and debates and activities and things, some of which are in the process of being restructured, but at least a few are in full swing right now (icons, banners, text contests). I'm not exactly sure how LJ Quidditch works, but apparently they've got something for that in the works, too. Anyway, if you're a Harry Potter fan, it's fun and a good way to meet new people on LJ.

I'm kind of sad I don't have a paper journal, but then, the quickest way to make me lose interest in journaling is to buy me a beautiful bound book. This is because anything I write in it seems dumb in comparison. The only successful journals I've ever had on paper were on looseleaf in three-ring binders, and maybe a couple of Mead composition books. And, I mean, let's face it--musings on pop culture really are better suited to an online journal where people can actually respond and say, "Wow, I love that movie/show/song, too!" than a velvet-bound journal that your grandchildren are going to find in fifty years and read and go, "Sexy peanut butter, what?" I mean, really: I would like to think pale-blue crystalline thoughts, but... I don't, man. I would love having a journal/stationery set like this, but I don't know that I'd ever bring myself to use it. I don't know. Maybe I could copy poems into it or something. (Sigh.)

(Damn. The gift boxes alone that they come in are awesome.)

Purple Saber
You have a Purple Lightsaber.

Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity,
independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.
Purple denotes high spirituality and religious
aspiration. Purple also represents Peacefulness
and Purification. It also has a sense of
intuitive understanding and a feeling of
intimacy with the world.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
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