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Now that I'm done bashing my head in... Semi-interesting meme:

You are 80% Sagittarius

What's really interesting is if you go take all the other signs' quizzes and compare (62-67% is average):

You are 93% Aquarius
You are 80% Gemini
You are 73% Pisces
You are 67% Taurus
You are 67% Virgo
You are 60% Cancer
You are 53% Capricorn
You are 53% Leo
You are 47% Libra
You are 40% Scorpio
You are 20% Aries

See, I knew that I had a strong Gemini streak, but I had no idea about the Aquarius thing. Particularly since Aquarius is the one sign I've never really been able to get a handle on. Whoa.

In case you're wondering, it's not even so much that I "believe" in astrology as I think it's a useful set of personality types. If you're creating a new character, read through those quizzes and ask your character, as it were, some of those questions. You may be surprised by the things you've already decided subconsciously about him or her. If you can figure out which astrological sign the character might be, more or less, you've got a ready-made personality type to work with--you can go look up explanations of that sign and then--and this is the important part--go through the traits and decide which ones you do and do not agree with. I'm not saying astrology is a way to assemble cookie-cutter characters--I'm saying it's a jumping-off point to develop a character more fully and in interesting ways. (Does your character agree with her sign? Does she think astrology is bullshit? Would she rather be a Pisces?)

In fact, I bet that color systems meme (the one where I was pale turquoise--you can probably find it in my journal pretty easily if you scroll back a few entries) would be even easier to do for a character, since you just have to pick adjectives...
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