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Done, done, done!

Ah, Corn Pops.

So. Done with the semester. That feels good. Also, my new sugar daddy Vladimir has ponied up the money to have comments restored to the blog, which means that I've given my word to write a super Digest update for tomorrow. (Crap, man--it will be exactly a month since the last update. I suck, yo.)

Not much on the blog today, although I adore Neill Cumpston reviews (the only good thing about AICN, IMO), and he really, really liked ROTK ("Hobbit-Man: The King Returns"). WARNING: He completely gives away the biggest spoiler in the movie. I mean, it's really funny ("I'm not going to tell you that blah blah blah blah. I hate spoilers, man"), but if you haven't read the books, forget it.

Oh, and it looks like they may have a subtitle for Pirates of the Caribbean 2, and the Viggo-Mortensen-as-Batman-villain is all over my Friends page, but it's worth mentioning again here for the sheer WTF? factor. I mean, I'm not saying I wouldn't go see it. I'm just saying I'd have a very hard time rooting for Batman.

Icon of the Day: "What are you doing?"
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