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Thanksgiving was quiet--only my grandmother over for lunch, as Aunt Awesome and Co. are stuck at her in-laws' this year--but pleasant. I'm getting better--slowly, but getting there. Talked to The Lovely Emily last night--she and Brett the Vet are in town, but I was too sick to go out with them (I can still barely eat, much less drink). We're going to see if they can't come over here tomorrow night and hang out or something.

I can't believe I've spent the last week sick as a dog, and now I have to pull myself up by the bootstraps and write completely in clichés work double-hard. It doesn't feel like a vacation if you don't actually get to rest, you know?

Meanwhile, the Squishy and I have decided to put off his visit again until May, which is really the ideal time (Birmingham is gorgeous, and I'm not in class). I would have liked to have him here for my birthday (sniff), but with the sick and the book and the class... sigh.

Mom is dragging me to the mall at crack-thirty tomorrow for the Black Friday sales. I'm not sure why I have to go, but I figure I'll come back with some good war stories, if nothing else.

We're going to try to go see Alexander this weekend, but who knows if we'll actually get there. As for Phantom of the Opera, I barely even know the plot, but I have decided that it is going to be the most thrillingly awful movie ever. I can't wait.

"Danielle says this blue eyeshadow is totally keen!"

Carlotta is pleased with her new wig:
"That bitch Raggedy Ann didn't even see it coming!"

"He who insults my flounce must pay with his life!"

Hoping to escape, Christine decides to distract the Phantom with a little
flash of sumpin'-sumpin'. Tragically, the mask prevents him from noticing.

Carlotta in her greatest role: Lady Mauve of Frou-Frou Poodlington.

"I've got to think of something better than 'The Angel of Boot-Knocking.'"

"Raoul! You said you'd never see that Louis again!"

"Love me, bitches."

"Mr. Schumacher, sir, this shirt is too gay. And believe me, I know gay."

Frou-Frou 2: The Poodling.

"I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you!"
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