Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
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Describe Package Contents:

I just now received two packages from through UPS. One of them is fine. The other one was open--one of the longer flaps was either not taped down properly or had been pulled open. When you look at the box, the first item you see is a boxed doll, which I pulled out. The bottom of the doll's box was open, too--the flap completely pulled out. I don't know if the doll was supposed to have accessories, so I can't determine if anything was taken. The other item in the box seems to be fine. It looks as if someone actually opened the shipping box and started opening the doll, but put it back before getting any further (when you pull on the cardboard inside the doll packaging, it's still attached and doesn't slide out, which says to me that whoever opened it may have put the item back in the box rather than tamper with it any further).

(I am reporting this as not repairable because there's nothing to repair per se, not because something is broken beyond repair. As stated above, I don't think anything is missing from the doll, but I can't tell.)


I'm reporting this more as an alert to UPS that someone may be tampering with or opening packages. Whoever opened mine--and the opened doll box makes me think it wasn't just a carton that came untaped--does not seem to have damaged the items inside, and so I don't actually need replacement or restitution of any kind.

Galadriel Barbie, on the other hand, wants to kick your delivery guy in the balls. I'm just saying.

It's been that kind of day, you know? I had my alarm set for eight, but apparently I hit "off" and rolled back over while still completely unconscious, because not only do I not remember turning the alarm off, I didn't wake up until 10 am, either. I have to leave for class at about 10:20, and I wanted to wash my hair and have breakfast and check my email, so... not so much with any of that today. Fnarr. I haven't had time for anything else to screw up yet, so cross your fingers for me.
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