Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Today's horoscope: Are you surrounded by flighty people? Be more self-reliant. Or find new friends.

Heh. I'm not, but... heh.

Miscellaneous notes: I won Sister Girl's Hermione doll on eBay, but PayPal is stalling and won't let me pay for it, dammit. I feel like a creaky old woman because my right knee hurts (knee problems run in my mother's side of the family) and the left side of my jaw does, too (but that's probably because of sinus pressure). Other than that, I feel pretty good--took today to just relax a little before the big week of paper-writing and exam-studying begins. Because it's only one week, and one paper, and one exam. I can handle this. Shut up, I can.

By request: Elizabeth icons. I have a ton of new Padmé/Natalie Portman pictures, so I'll probably do those, some Ella Enchanted (thanks for reminding me, christigilly!), and some Ladies of Lost next.

Whee, Lostnesday!
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