October 31st, 2003

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I have a LiveJournal!

I have a LiveJournal! A LiveJournal! A LiveJournal I have! Woohoo! (Thanks, Brassy!)

Yes, this is a completely pointless entry, but I need to throw something up here as a test entry to I can pick my journal settings.
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"My" first "real" entry

A'ight. I have selected the only layout that looks right to my eye... the one I use for my blog. ("We fear change.") I must now... actually write an entry. Knowing my verbosity, this shouldn't be hard. All the entries in my Easyjournal tended to have specific topics, but... yeah, I'm fresh out of those.

So: The Dogs of Digest have just come home, freshly bathed and puppy-fragrant. I have made not one iota of progress on Black Ribbon. I have, however, gotten a good bit of blogging done. (Damn, Blogger has spoiled me so badly that I can't even remember rudimentary HTML.) In fact...

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Don't worry, I'm sure I'll shut up eventually

Have posted, at frodogoosegirl's suggestion, some of my old Easyjournal entries here (back-dated per the original dates, so scroll down). Just a few, but it gives the journal less of a skeletal look. Also, in the one about the really bizarre celebri-palooza dream I had in July, I think I have managed to write the longest sentence in the history of man. (In your FACE, Faulkner!)

As for my current music choice, go read this entry. It'll make more sense. Well, sort of.