November 1st, 2003

black ribbon

"I am professionally curious"

Really getting down to brass tacks today with Black Ribbon. No, really. No, really. Except that Clifton is sending me his workshop story for Tuesday to look over. But really. There's nothing on TV, and Vladimir and I have pledged to take a working weekend and not bug each other via YM. In fact, I will stop writing this journal entry any moment now.

You know it's bad when you think of signing an email "C to tha J-O," particularly because "Cleolinda Jones" isn't even your real name.

More bad dreams. Can't remember what about this time, though. Got up, watched most of MST3K, went back to sleep.

Can't believe it's November. October is just a fun month. November seems more sober.

Desperately need to revise "Womanly Words" for my other workshop, as it goes on for too long and they're a tough crowd, that workshop, but I'm not sure what needs to stay and what needs to go. Any suggestions are appreciated...

Oh, and I forgot:

black ribbon

"Faint heart never won fair literature"

Dammit. Have done nothing but read Fandom Wank today, because I am an accomplished procrastinator. I think BR#4 terrifies me so because it's the second to last chapter--#5 is pretty much done, just needs a good brisk polish--and I've got to get everything in chs 1-3 to make sense by #5. And I'm not sure I can do it. And this is even considering that I'm purposely leaving several major plot threads open-ended, as this is only volume one of four. (Seriously, it may end up becoming my grad school thesis: a hypertext steampunk serial. Hey, at least it isn't your average solipsistic, navel-gazing first novel.)

However, if any lovely folks out there care to find out what I'm talking about, this is a perfect opportunity for you to read the first three chapters while I try not to take a swandive out the window in the meantime. You can start by reading the Bennet-Jones letters, which are (supposed to be) funny but only tangentially related (the first one about the prairie dog stampede was pretty good), or skip straight to the story itself. Meanwhile, I've got a chase scene to write.