November 20th, 2003


"Man, I hate you all"

Internet access out all day for reasons still not understood. Very pissed about this.

I forget whose icon it was, but it was a picture of Legolas early in TTT with that caption: "Man, I hate you all." That's kind of me right now. Let me put it this way: I sat through a pious recap of the entire second fight (and thanks for the kind words, guys. I was afraid we were all going to come off like psycho harpies, me included) at lunch with my mother, and finally I whispered, "Thanks, I know" (we were talking very quietly so as not to wake Sister Girl--you know, let sleeping dogs lie--and she says, "I know. I'm saying this in case she's listening." And then I went and made myself a tinfoil hat. It's quite fashionable, what with the tinfoil roses around the brim and all...

More deathly Philip Larkin:

This is the first thing
I have understood:
Time is the echo of an axe
Within a wood.

I turn 25 in a month. I need to stop reading Philip Larkin.

Stayed up all night watching TTT--until 6 am, actually. Had to wait quite late to start, to make sure Sister Girl didn't discover me and the DVD, because quite frankly I am selfish and do not want to share it with freakshow hissybitch at the moment. (No soup for you!) Also, because every time I lend her a DVD, I never see it again. I have to parachute into her room and go on a search-and-rescue mission. I did that last month and found my DVDs of Sleepy Hollow, American Beauty, Bridget Jones' Diary, Down with Love and--ohhhhh, beeyotch--my Moulin Rouge that had been "missing" for a year.

So. Watching the TTT EE. On the cast commentary, first disc, now (I'd be further ahead, but I went to bed after I finished the EE proper). Boyd and Monaghan crack my shit up. I can't wait to get to the featurettes, though--I just really enjoy seeing the actors clown around, and I really want to see the featurette with all the Andy Serkis footage. I've been dying to see more tape of just him acting all the scenes in his mo-cap suit.

There's still nothing that compares to Tig in the commentary this time around, though. Not yet, anyway.

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Off to get dinner and watch the rest of the first commentary...