December 7th, 2003

msauvage purple

Paper-induced dementia, part 6

Why doesn't it finish, precious? We writes and we writes and we writes, and it never ends!

How many pageses?

Ten, precious!

Ten is not so bad, yes? Ten is good, ten is nice!

Ten includes the bibliography!

[Face falls pitifully.]

We must turn it in, precious!


We haves to! It's already late, yes it is, precious! Better turn it in to good master before master loses his patience, yes. Master doesn't care how long it is! He didn't care last fall!

... You win.

Well, first we has to writes the conclusion, precious...


This and that

OMG, I just got back from the grocery store, and Harry Potter totally bagged my milk and bread. I am serious--hair, glasses, everything. I kept trying to discreetly peer up under his bangs to see if he had a lightning-shaped scar, but no dice.

You know what the worst part about my paper-induced dementia was? That paper only had to be eleven pages plus bibliography, on a subject I like, about two poets I liked. I've waxed papers twice that long. (Keeping a journal and a blog and all that really does help you keep your fingers limber, so to speak.) But I just. couldn't. do it. After my computer crashed and I lost my work, it was just over for me. It's like my brain had already checked out and gone on holiday.

Even worse? I have the exam for this same class tomorrow, and my brain is off skiing.