February 13th, 2004


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Home alone! Wooo! Sister Girl is off visiting her boyfriend at Fort Benning, where he is showering her with gifts (so far: he sent over a talking toy Scottie dog who sings "I'm Mr. Lonely" with perfectly-timed mouth movements). So, on one hand, I'm spending Valentine's Day alone (awww), but on the other--I'M SPENDING IT ALONE! WOOOOO!

The only damper on the day is that I can't find my Moulin Rouge CD, and this is an occasion that calls for the belting of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend." Fnarr.

Checking my email this morning, I got a response to my "Mel Gibson Says His Wife May Go to Hell" item on my blog. Keep in mind, now, that I included no commentary of my own--and that I'm a lapsed Baptist, not that anyone on the blog knows that:

Although it is not a popular stand in America today, I certainly believe that the only way to get to heaven is through the Catholic Church, period! Is this to say that we can know God's mind and his judgements? No, but if God grants salvation to people outside of his Church (Roman Catholic), it is through the graces of his Church and not through an alliance with any other church but His.

Wow. I wonder how this person found my blog. I wonder if this is a regular reader or... I don't even know how he'd find it. Dozens of people have posted this news article. And... part of me wants to say, "Good for you, having a strong religious belief. Live long and prosper!" But there's another part of me that can only think, "Wow. I disagree with you to such a degree that I am not sure it is possible for me to disagree more strongly. Good job." And there's a nastier part of me that wants to say, "Thanks for the input, Cortez--don't you have some natives to go slaughter convert?"

Religion: as likely to bring out the worst in us as it is to bring out the best.

New icons: I like the first one particularly for Valentine's Day. I'm going to have to create a "heroine addict" keyword for my last icon space, and just change the picture out every other day or something. Requested by folks at the retro icons community:

Again: take anything you want, and leave suggestions if you have any. I think I've gone through most of the previous requests, although I'm still looking for a few pictures.
msauvage purple

Who's your type?

All right--this is a touch time-consuming, but not really, and it's fascinating. It's a Match.com test (which I ganked from theferrett's journal) that tells you what your physical type is. A lot of the faces they flash past you are kinda freaky--I for one do not believe that all of them are real people. Many of them look like something a computer program on acid put together. Either that, or there are some maaaaajor birth defects going on in this country. (Seriously: if your forehead takes up a clear 60% of your face, and your eyes are huge and yet somehow squinched together? You have problems.) I think they were trying to get specific traits together in one face, and... yeah. These are not tastes that taste great together. Yar.

The interesting thing about the test is that it confirmed things I already knew about myself... and managed to come up with several surprises. The kind of surprises that make you go, "Really? I don't know about th...hey, that guy really is kinda hot." For example, apparently the "pretty boy"/"boy next door" is my type, with a minor concentration in Asian men--and I had no idea about that last one. The weird thing is, a full 62% of women, by their calculations, are not attracted to my type of guy. Ha! More for me.

What I found interesting was that I really dig the very tall, very lean, very rugged look--and I didn't see anything on that test that represented that look to me. Maybe it was there and I didn't recognize it, I don't know. I will say that I had an enduring crush on this guy in high school with long blond hair and Adonis arms and a face just like the one that came up my type--but I've never dated anyone who was "my" type. Which may say something about my priorities (personality is more important. Or something).

I'm going to take the female test now. Why? Because I bet it'll say a lot about the kind of women I write about.
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