February 24th, 2004

msauvage purple

Oscar predictions

All right, here they are. The ballots are due in today, so anything after today is really just second-guessing. For comparison, I've put Ebert's predictions, Entertainment Weekly's predictions, and Sasha from Oscar Watch's predictions alongside mine. You can see a whole chart of predictions at Oscar Watch as well, and of course the full nominations at Oscar.com.

Note: Yahoo is not running the Oscar pool this year, because they suck. I'm having to code a poll-style one myself, but it'll be up soon. (Damn, there are a lot of categories.) If you're interested, friend dailydigest, the official Digest account, where it'll be announced when ready.

If you have predictions, let me know, and I'll link them here. I know that jedi_funk put his up a good while back.

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