March 6th, 2004

msauvage purple

Sam? He crazy

Okay, so I've written about Sam the little white pom before, with his seizures and spider-bites and hypothyroidism and such. Now, despite all these health problems, he is a very hyper and rambunctious dog, always trying to pick fights with Lucky (a cocker spaniel who looks more like a springer and is twice his size. The worst part is, Lucky just puts his head down and lets Sam pick on him). And at the same time, you tap a spoon on the side of your plate and he runs for cover.

So my parents had Sam and Meko (red pom) on leashes in the front yard. I don't know exactly how this happened, but I think they were talking to the construction guys in the backyard (rebuilding the deck), and managed to not notice that a giant yellow lab had sauntered into the front yard. They turn around because Sam and Meko are yipping and straining at their leashes, and there's Giant Lab. And so my parents are all like, "Shoo! Shoo!" So the Giant Lab is sort of sparring with the poms, and all of a sudden Sam BREAKS FREE FROM HIS LEASH and CHASES THE GIANT LAB. I am not kidding you. Sam might be ten pounds soaking wet. He chases Giant Lab all the way around the house and into the back yard and through a hole in the fence, at which point my parents caught up and grabbed him before he was able to follow.

I still cannot figure out how this mouthful of a dog chased a labrador out of his yard, but Sam's been strutting around the house with his bad self all afternoon.